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Confession: I have way too many Primitives by Kathy box signs around my home. All of them are a reminder of things I love (like wine, my family, coffee and about love itself. My favorite states, "Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn't be one of them." We are all guilty of getting caught in our routines and our personal goals, that sometimes we forget to read between the lines and take in the moments with the ones we love most. When I look through old photos, my favorite ones are the in-between moments. The candids. The ones that accurately showcase our genuine laughs and the way we look at one another. Well, that's my favorite job. To capture you and your loved ones in your element and all of those in between moments that make you laugh and smile and cry time and time again for years to come. It is an honor to work with my clients and to capture their mad, passionate, and extraordinary love. 

About Me


Portrait Session: Starting at $450

Events: $250/hr with a 2 hour minimum

Wedding Coverage: Starting at $3500

All packages include online downloadable gallery

*download 2023 Milestone Package Information here*

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Tel: 949-394-7787

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